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In the lighting sector, aluminium plays an important role in the different parts of a lamp.

We must differentiate between different types of luminaires, which we can divide mainly by those that are indoors, such as those that illuminate shops, industrial warehouses, homes, museums, among others. And outdoor luminaires, such as those that illuminate urban and interurban roads, monuments, sports stadiums, etc.

In all cases, aluminium meets the needs of being a material that behaves very well over time, with a great capacity to dissipate the heat generated by electronic components and which allows complex geometries with a good aesthetic finish.

High quality parts with uniform finishes for indoor and outdoor lighting

Optimised and homogeneous production

The ability to use permanent moulds in the manufacturing process allows us to guarantee a homogeneous production of a large number of parts.

At Delta Valencia, we know the importance of a uniform result, especially in those cases where a significant percentage of the parts need to be painted. And to ensure optimum adhesion of the paint to the metal, we have developed specific processes and work closely with companies specialising in the application of paint, covering both liquid paint and powder paint.

In the field of lighting, the geometry of the lamps is often conditioned by the weight factor, which implies the need to reduce the thicknesses and, consequently, adapt the geometry of the mould filling. At Delta Valencia, we have advanced software that allows us to simulate the mould filling process in the initial phases of the design. Supporting and advising the customer from the first steps, in close collaboration with its own technical department.

Focusing on domestic lighting, where excellence in finishes is crucial, we have implemented a robotised process that guarantees a repetitive finish and a uniform surface appearance across the entire surface of the part.