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Delta Valencia provides solutions for the industrial mobility sector, focusing on the manufacture of high-pressure aluminium and zamak components. This sector has witnessed a significant evolution in recent times. The production of key parts for both conventional and electric vehicles has undergone significant change thanks to the integration of advanced technologies and more sustainable approaches. Particularly important are the weight reductions and assurance of demanding characteristics that high-pressure aluminium die-cast parts enable. Even in structural parts with high demands, such as parts for the safety of vehicles and people.

Essential parts for the construction of efficient and technologically advanced vehicles.

Precision engineering plays a key role in the manufacture of mobility components. And Delta Valencia is involved in this manufacturing process with processes such as high-precision machining and the discovery of additive manufacturing, which enable the flexible creation of complex parts.

The manufacture of aluminium mobility components is not limited to individual vehicles. The production of components for public transport systems, car-sharing fleets and logistics solutions has gained importance in the quest for more efficient and sustainable transport.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create the components that drive the mobility of the future.