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The industrial sector covers a wide range of applications, from construction machinery to renewable energy equipment and construction tools. In this diverse landscape, die-cast aluminium parts play a key role. Its light weight does not compromise strength, making it the ideal choice for applications where weight is crucial. In addition, its corrosion resistance, derived from a natural oxide layer present in aluminium, makes it suitable for harsh environments without the need for additional coatings.

Light and strong:
The perfect choice
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Aluminium’s electrical conductivity makes it a standout in electrical and electronic components, while its non-magnetic property makes it essential in electronic device environments where magnetic interference must be avoided. Beyond its properties, aluminium’s sustainability is reflected in its ability to be 100% recyclable, a crucial consideration in a world focused on reducing our carbon footprint.

In our foundry, we use aluminium sourced from recycled material and manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. This not only highlights our environmental responsibility, but also our commitment to efficiency and sustainability in industrial production.

Advantages of Aluminum in Critical Sectors

All these advantages make aluminium the preferred choice in industries such as aerospace, construction, electronics and those involving the mobility of people or goods.